Examining possible arguments of blog sceptics

An SEO blog is a great way of improving site performance. Even so, in certain sectors blogging is still not as widely used as it could be. While a blog has to conform to ethical SEO advice to be successful, it is critical to realise what a useful tool it can be. Although a blog might not be the solution for every single business, it may be worth a second look for those who may not think it would be worthwhile.

At SEO Consult we realise how effective blogging can be in the long term. We recognise that there may be somereluctance towards blogs among particular professions, but we think that these will diminish over time. Sharing our knowledge is one way in which we combat common myths.

Myths about blogging deserve closer inspection. Sometimes they are wholly without foundation. In other cases they may contain a small amount of truth. Even when they are not completely erroneous they are usually highly misleading due to exaggeration and distortion.

We don’t have enough to say

It is understandable that people are concerned that a business blog may run out of steam. To someone who is not a professional copywriter it might appear that there is a limit to the quantity of relevant content which can be composed. If a site owner attempts optimisation without the assistance of a consultancy then amateur writer’s block may be a problem. If the process is done well then a range of techniques will prevent creativity from drying up.

It will take too much time

Preparing and writing a blog is not something which should be done in a hurry. Users will soon pick up on content which offers a poor reading experience. Inaccurate spellings, bad grammar and tedious material will all be received negatively. However, the time spent on a properly produced blog will be rewarded.

Our industry does not suit it

Certain sectors like the legal profession have not universally jumped at the opportunity to get involved in blogging. There is something refreshingly informal about blogs which does not always have an immediate appeal to people accustomed to particular ways of thinking and acting. Change is sweeping these old-fashioned attitudes away. In sectors where they persist, it is worth considering the value that blogging can have.

It is just for the young

This contention is not often made. Business owners of all ages are discovering that a content-based approach can have a beneficial impact on their business. People from all generations are increasingly familiar with blogs at work and in a personal capacity.

We can rely on social media alone

A lot can be achieved by the adroit use of social networking sites. Cultivating productive relationships with potential customers can be highly productive. The notion that being social is a substitute for blogging rarely holds water though. It is important to recall the old saying content is king. Blogging and social media marketing complement one another well. For example, Twitter is handy for sharing high quality blog posts.

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