Online marketing: new frontiers

Internet marketing is no longer new. It is an important part of the globalising economy. It might be thought that it had got close to the limits of its potential. Such an opinion would simply be inaccurate. One area in which further growth is likely is the luxury goods market. In the past, people often bought luxury products offline. However, there are signs that this behaviour pattern is changing.

Why were people reluctant to buy luxury items online?

There were concerns that buying expensive products online was not safe. Transferring large sums of money over the net was looked on with suspicion by those who were worried about the possibility of fraud. There was also anxiety about whether or not luxury goods bought over the net would be of the same quality as those purchased from a conventional shop.

Online research: a halfway house

Those interested in internet marketing realised that customers wanted to research luxury items online prior to buying them offline. This opened up exciting possibilities for campaigns. A varied approach could help sites outperform their rivals. However, the reluctance of some people to part with large sums of money online persisted.

The future

As people become more comfortable with making big purchases online, the ‘research only’ behaviour may gradually become less common. You can expect behaviour to change at different rates in different sectors. In some sectors, such as luxury watches, the shift has already begun. A decade ago nobody would have looked at the internet to choose a special watch. The situation today has radically changed.

Necessary adaptations

Expensive products like luxury watches might need offline services to help customers. For example, real world services can help get items adjusted to make sure that they fit the purchaser. These practical steps by the business owner should be supplemented by effective online marketing and high quality information delivery.

Online ways forward

The approach may not be that different from a conventional campaign. Even things like featuring the business telephone number on the site can serve to reassure users. It is very important that the site works smoothly. There should not be any difficulty whatsoever in making a purchase. Nothing will deter users more than having to use a system which freezes or takes a long time to work because it will make them trust the site less.

Identify your target audience

It is essential to focus on the needs of the target audience. This means that all the online marketing efforts can be directed properly. The use of social media can be useful in finding out more about what will appeal to the target audience. When it comes to luxury goods, quality will often be more important than cost and content should focus on what makes the product unique and top quality.

Paid search

While a campaign can develop a lot of momentum by organic methods, it is worth thinking about using Google AdWords. This is partly because some marketing techniques take a while to deliver positive outcomes, while using paid advertisements can be effective soon.

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