Conversions central to feed strategy

Shopping feed management is something which needs experience, ans people new to it may not get very far with it. Traffic can be obtained for an ecommerce site by using shopping feeds cleverly. However, it is important to recognise that without action on conversion rate optimisation a site will not deliver the goods as it could.

The use of feeds is sensible because of its affordability and its effectiveness. The feed approach can work alongside other techniques and can be more efficient than some forms of advertising. It is a great way of manipulating content for search engine indexing that some marketers overlook because they lack the necessary expertise.

A range of solutions

There is a range of options when it comes to this topic. Whichever solutions are selected, the issue of the conversion rate of the site remains highly relevant. The people coming to the site should be from the target audience, but it is possible to waste the chances their presence represents.

The best way forward is to monitor conversions carefully. If a consultancy is not doing this, it will lack the data to boost profits. There are some trackers which are specific to feeds. These allow a range of important statistics to be checked out. It is vital to know what the targeted potential consumers are doing.

Another thing to bear in mind is that users will not make as many purchases as they would otherwise do if they are brought in by a feed that has past its use by date. A has-been feed can get traffic to a site, but it is not going to be made up of people who are eager to buy significant volumes of stuff. The image of a firm can be negatively affected by consultants who are careless in this area.

Wrongly titled goods can cause real problems. It is worth people taking care with the way products are written about at every stage in the process. It is the case that ecommerce is a very competitive sector so being extra safe with the small details makes sense.

Seasonal approaches to marketing are worthy of exploration. Some products are particularly seasonal by nature, while the sales of many others are subject to the odd slight seasonal fluctuation. There should be no mismatch between the feeds and the site.

Tricky things to take care of

Refocusing on conversion rates is essential. Tricky matters like how to deal with products which are currently unavailable need sensitive handling. It should be absolutely clear what a customer should do when on the site. It is a shame that some sites are either lacking in instructions or have too many of them.

Product specifications and pictures are another potential source of difficulty. If a site does not have the capacity to show goods properly or if there are display problems on the feeds then conversions will suffer.

Safe payment methods are deal breakers for many customers. The failure, or even the apparent failure, to provide a secure option can be very damaging to site performance. Any consultant should look at using the most popular sites in a sector for a reminder that success is trust-based.

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