Keep spare trolley wheels ready just in case

The humble trolley. Where would people be without it? Thanks to trolleys moving boxes of stock around at work is so much easier. Just load them up and let the wheels take the strain. Take the trolley out of the equation and there would soon be a crisis. No trolley, no way to move things around. Even in this day and age a bit of manual handling and trolley power goes a long long way.

It’s possible to load up these trolleys to carry a stack of heavy boxes. Over time that pressure is going to tell on the trolley wheels. There will come a time when they give up the ghost and finally break. And a trolley on broken wheels is no good to anyone. Need to find a solution to the problem. And fast.

There are a huge number of different models and type of trolley. Each one has different rubber wheels, which can make sourcing new ones a little bit tricky. Thankfully there are specialist suppliers out there who stock nothing but trolley wheels so business owners and managers can source the parts they need to get their trolleys up and running again.

It’s amazing to think just how important these little rubber wheels are. Everything quickly grinds to a halt when the trolleys are out of action. Nothing for it but to get online and search for those hard to find parts. The Internet makes life so much easier. It pays to be proactive and order spares so any broken wheels can be replaced without delay. Just replace with new wheels and get that trolley back into action.

It’s the little things at work that keep everything ticking over and contribute to the bigger picture. Be prepared for when wheels break and need replacing and keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

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