Choosing the Right Castors

For those who are new to creating items with castors on, it may not be instantly obvious just how important castor wheels can be. However, from what the finished item will be used for through to the environment in which it will be used, there are likely to be many things that will affect the best choice for you.

Firstly, it is wise to avoid very cheap wheels. Even trolleys that will be used sparingly and for very light weights are likely to need good quality castors, and paying less will almost always lead you to spend more in the long run. With the cheapest wheels you just simply won’t be able to make the items do what you need them to, and they are also likely to seize up or sheer easily. There will be plenty of companies that sell high-end wheels at reasonable prices and therefore these are the companies to look at.

Even the environment your product will be used in will be extremely important. For instance, certain materials will not adjust well to extreme temperatures and extreme cold may shatter the wheel or make it seize up. Likewise, certain castor wheels will deal with different terrains in different ways, and choosing the wrong type of wheel will lead to many frustrating tasks. Rubber will be great for the majority of terrains, but when it comes to carpets they can be very ineffective.

Finally, you will need to know how much weight each wheel will be able to support. Not every material will be able to withstand the same pressure and therefore it will be extremely important to know what exactly is going to be transported and therefore whether or not you are going to need a tougher wheel or whether a lighter and weaker one will suffice.

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