Friends You’ve Never Met

W.B. Yeats once said that there were no strangers, only friends you had not yet met. And this is very much true. It is often hard to imagine what things were like before you met your closest friends, and the majority of us can remember a time when we only half knew someone who is now a best friend. However, the majority of us, especially in cities, find that unless we happen to be introduced to someone at work or when undertaking a specific pastime, that we rarely get the chance to meet new people.

Yet, there are all kinds of benefits to meeting new people. When we make new friends, not only does it help us to learn more about ourselves and help us to challenge ourselves, improving everything from social skills to memory, but meeting new people and expanding our social networks also helps us to learn new things, become more knowledgeable and expand our horizons in terms of the things we try or do.

On top of this, there are often things we simply don’t get chance to do simply because we don’t know anyone else with the same interests. Even those very good friends who will accompany us to a gig despite the fact they don’t like the band will often fail to get into the relevant party mood that such an occasion might deserve, and therefore when we meet new people, it also opens up the chances of us being able to do things we want to with people who will truly appreciate a certain occasion.

Even those with a very close network of people they care about are likely to find many benefits when they make new friends, and finding people online who share your passions, interests and goals may help you to be far happier, healthier and more knowledgeable all round.

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