Firms failing to take advantage of management training

These days, there are many different forms of management training available for businesses to make the most of. However, it seems as though a considerable number of companies are failing to take full advantage of leadership training.

According to research conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the standard of UK management is being held back because employers are not capitalising on development programmes like this.

It found that despite the fact that 90 per cent of the 1,185 managers polled said qualifications made them perform better and 87 per cent reported an increase in the quality of their work, 41 per cent of managers felt they were not supported by their employer to make full use of their new skills.

Indeed, 40 per cent of bosses did not even talk to their personnel about the knowledge they had acquired.

The CMI suggested that this means crucial opportunities to enhance standards across Britain’s workforce are being missed.

Commenting on the findings, the organisation’s chief executive Ann Francke said: “This research should be a wake-up call for employers. Good management needs to be top down – it’s no good educating your middle managers, if your senior managers are failing to support them. It’s as simple as this – if you have qualified managers in your midst and you aren’t using them, you’re missing out.”

She added that a “step-change” is needed in order to place qualifications at the heart of management training and development and there should be support at all levels.

Ms Francke went on to state that qualified managers can have a “huge impact” on any organisation. She also claimed that the fact employers are failing to make use of these skilled individuals is “extremely worrying”.

Taking full advantage of leadership training may help firms to get through these difficult economic times.

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