More children may start Spanish lessons

A considerable number of people are making use of Spanish classes in London. By investing in Spanish tutors in London, individuals can boost their foreign language skills and this can have a range of benefits on both a personal and professional level.

The world is becoming increasingly international and so the need for people to speak other languages is growing.

One man who believes in the benefits of foreign language classes is education secretary Michael Gove. Recently, he revealed plans under which learning a foreign language will be made compulsory from the age of seven in England’s primary schools.

The proposals are part of a proposed overhaul of the national curriculum and if they are given the go ahead following a public consultation later this year, they will be put in place in 2014.

Compulsory language study was ended by the Labour government in 2004 and the number of pupils sitting foreign language GCSEs has fallen since then.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme about the plans, shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg said he agrees with them in principle. He remarked: “I think it’s absolutely right. Children will get a love of languages if they start them young.”

Under the plans announced by Mr Gove, primary school pupils would be offered lessons in Mandarin, Latin and Greek, as well as Spanish, French and German.

These changes may be welcomed by those who think there is not enough emphasis on foreign language teaching in UK schools. At present, many people leave education lacking the confidence and skills they need to communicate with non-English speakers.

It is no surprise then that there is demand for Spanish classes in London. By making use of Spanish tutors in London, individuals can acquire valuable new skills that stand them in better stead in a range of situations.

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