Different Types of Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Whether dealing with drug abuse or drug addiction, most people need professional treatment programs to help them overcome their problems. Indeed, whilst physical addiction can be severed in as little as a week by a self-imposed drug detox, the psychological addiction that goes with it can take months or sometimes even years to break.

When most people think of drug abuse and drug addiction treatment programs, they normally think only of full-time treatments in residential drug rehab clinics. However, this is not entirely accurate. Indeed, today’s treatment programs are carried out in a range of settings and environments which offer a selection of differing methodologies.

To be sure, there are several different levels of rehabilitation which can be used to help individuals suffering with drug problems. In general, most drug abuse and drug addiction treatment programs are available at the following levels:

• Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
• Partial Hospitalisation (PHP)
• Inpatient (drug detox)
• Residential
• Extended Care

Programs for the treatment of drug abuse can generally be carried out at different levels. The level of care required will depend largely on the type of drug an individual is taking, how much of it is being taken and how long they’ve been taking it for.

For instance, a treatment program for moderate drug abuse could be a simple Intensive Outpatient Program that is lead by a certified counsellor. This type of program is primarily a type of group therapy which meets three times a week, usually for 6 to 8 weeks. Conversely, a treatment program for severe drug addiction may well require an individual to stay at a drug rehab clinic on a residential basis so that they can receive full-time treatment for a more pro-longed period of time (typically a minimum of 28 days).

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