The Spirituality Of Yoga Wear

These days the modern world seems to view anything that has a sense of spirituality with suspicion. This quite unfortunate, particularly given that people are cultural beings and we are capable of sensing, emoting and interpreting into a social realm in which anything can exist. Truly, we are more than the sum of our parts. As anyone who has practised Yoga will attest, the power of the mind can yield so much – a personal journey where enlightenment, self-actualisation and realisation is just merely the first step. Our bodies, minds and spirits are not separate, but are interlinked and through this interlinked nature yoga seeks to instil a level of tranquillity that can prepare one for the outside world and actively change our approach to it. Yoga can quickly become the holistic remedy that naturalises while simultaneously offering new opportunities of thought and being.

Yoga is not so much about a practice that must be endured, but more of a lifestyle to be lived and enjoyed. This lifestyle requires Yoga clothing that can adequately express the internalisation of understanding while also allowing a great degree of freedom of movement. It is all too easy to go for clothes that are dull and more everyday, but for Yoga this really doesn’t express what the experience is all about. Yoga clothing is more about a willingness to explore your own spirituality and well being, and as such, the clothing should match this. An insightful range of Yoga wear will evoke spiritual elements while also being as expressive as you would like. Rich, earthy colours can be combined with relaxing pastels that can help to express the naturalistic journey of self-discovery. Whether the Yoga wear is loose or tight fitting is a matter of personal taste, but what it must yield is an encouragement to explore a world that lies within.

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