‘I’m A3 Acetate… Let me introduce myself’

Hi – my name is ‘A3 acetate!’ Let me introduce my not-too- dissimilar yet notably larger friend ‘A2 acetate.’

Indeed, we are highly comparable in appearance; we are translucent, hardy and rectangular. Not unlike A2 acetate, as A3 acetate if you choose to befriend me into your office environment in disguise; camouflaged as any number of posters and wall- bound images, you will be a boring, humdrum organisation no more!

In fact, working in an office without A3 acetate is as frankly, mind- numbing as watching paint dry in an extremely humid desert climate. And invite my pal, A2 acetate along and what you’ll see is a transformation from pretty regular to practically riotous faster than you can say ‘A3 acetate, you are cordially invited, to join my team. Please bring a plus one’ – crack open the cheese and pineapple on sticks; let’s have an office party!

Even though A2 acetate is bigger than me in stature, as A3 acetate I am by no means inferior and heck, don’t let him tell you otherwise! Using me- alongside a professional company – you can convert minute photographic images to enormous posters that, for what they gain in size, lose absolutely nothing in appearance or intricate detail. And, if you have spreadsheets that require a magnify glass to interpret, I am happy to have you enlarge them on me.

Actually, let me tell you a secret; A2 acetate sometimes bullies me. From his position on the wall beside me he whispers, ‘psst, A3 acetate, eat my dust; I’m bigger AND better than you’ and do you know what? I take the higher ground and have only one response – ‘not one acetate can supersede another in either size or quality; we are all on a level pegging and what one acetate can do with his size, another can do equally well!’

Sure, we have our tiffs but let’s be honest: A2 Acetate and A3 Acetate – BFF ‘Best Friends Forever.’

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