It’s Not Just the Dealer Who Can Value Your Car

Most people have heard of Glass’s guide for car valuations, but know of it as a thick paperback book that the user turns to when trying to work out how much to offer for your car as part exchange for the one they’re selling you. However, what you might not know is that you can make use of this free car valuation service yourself.

You may want to know the value of your own car so that you can be fully prepared to negotiate with the dealer before you sign on the dotted line. Nevertheless, car valuations take into account damage and the amount of use the car has had, as well as general depreciation over time, so you may find it hard to assess how any damage your car has had will affect its value. Your free car valuation will give you just the basic price guideline based on your car registration, although you can pay a small fee to get a more detailed valuation report, which may be wise if you have a lot of damage to the vehicle.

Valuations also depend on who you intend to sell your car to. You may not be going down the dealer route, but instead choosing to sell privately or trading it in. When you complete your online free valuation with Glass’s, just state how you are planning to sell and you will get the correct valuation for this. Selling your car privately will usually result in a better price for you, as the trade in valuation price is lower than the retail price. It is important to understand this before you go to the dealership, if that is the route you are taking, so as not to be disappointed that the amount offered isn’t as high as you thought your car was worth.

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