What Your Cat Really Wants From You

Cats are often perceived as solitary and selfish animals, only really showing you affection because they know that they need you. However, as anyone who has owned a cat (or at least the majority of cats; cats have personalities as diverse as our own and therefore temperaments will change with each and every one), they tend to be very loving creatures who like nothing more than to curl up amongst company.

So, with this in mind, if your cat is not just out to get fed and watered regularly and ensure it has somewhere safe and warm to sleep at night, what does your little fluffy thing want from you?

Well, all cats are going to be very different and will want different things at different times. It is therefore important to make sure that you pay attention to the way your pet speaks to you – and they will be saying very specific things every time they meow or purr.

Cats love to play, they love to sleep and they love to hunt. They will also be very vocal when they are scared or confused and knowing what each and every single change in cadence of their meow and purr means can help you keep them as happy as possible.

Ultimately, cats will want good cat food (be aware that there is a big difference between quality nutritious food and the majority of cheap foods available on the market), space to roam and explore, new experiences or toys to keep them mentally stimulated, and plenty of time to cuddle up and nap with their owner. Each will not only keep them happy, but also keep them healthy, and if you want to satisfy your kitty’s taste buds and physical needs, be sure to choose a very good cat food rather than something cheap.

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