The Importance of Activities for Care Home Residents

After retirement, many elderly people start to notice a decline in their health and well-being. Generally, this is because there is no longer anything to challenge them, mentally and physically. This can worsen when the elderly person enters a care home. When selecting from care homes in West Sussex, it’s vital that relatives choose one that offers a wide range of activities for its residents. Taking part in stimulating activities can improve the health of care home residents in three ways:

Physical Condition

Light physical activities, like gardening or walking, can have a dramatic impact on an elderly person’s health and wellbeing. Residents of nursing homes in West Sussex that take part in regular exercise of some form will enjoy improved health and social skills. Exercise can also help elderly people lose weight, can boost their immunity and release endorphins in their brain, keeping residents happier.

Mental Health

Activities not only improve an elderly care home resident’s physical wellbeing but they can also improve their mental health. Activities like chess games, puzzles and visits to museums can help boost and keep an elderly person’s brain active and encourage social interaction. Such activities can also help improve short term memory, and reduce cognitive decline over time.

Social Interaction

As a person ages, the amount of time they socialise with others inevitably declines. This can lead to loneliness and depression. Socialisation and conversation is vital to emotional and mental wellbeing. By partaking in activities in their care home, residents can continue to have an active social life into their old age.

Emotional Wellbeing

Having hobbies and activities they enjoy can help keep elderly people engaged and interested in the world around them. Partaking in daily activities will help care home residents to feel like they have a purpose in the world, helping to improve their emotional wellbeing.

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