Bring a campaign to life with plastic cards

The focus of the marketing world right now is on digital, but it’s easy to get carried away with the here and now and neglect the tried and tested. The great thing about direct mail or handouts is that they’re physical. Opening mail is more of an “event” and the inclusion of plastic cards only heightens that experience.

A plastic card is a great marketing tool, but one that can be overlooked or forgotten about. That credit card style approach can be used in conjunction with all kinds of promotional messages. They’re memorable and durable too. People are much more likely to hang on to them than a flyer or a leaflet for example.

The plastic card only has a small surface area, so it’s important to use them in conjunction with letters or get a killer copywriter who can get the message across in just a few short words! In a world where email marketing has reached saturation point letters and plastic cards offer a great alternative. An email can deleted, if it even makes it passed the spam folder that is. A letter is difficult to ignore. And if there’s a small and memorable plastic give away prompting the recipient to take action then all the better.

So any organisation that has been struggling for reach and results should think seriously about using these methods. There’s nothing wrong with digital and social media, but a good promotional strategy will include a variety of different elements to help get the message across.

The first step is to talk to a specialist printer. One who can supply quality plastic cards that are versatile and affordable. They can be adapted for all kinds of different campaigns and products. It’s time to get creative and hit prospects with materials that they’ll find tough to ignore.

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