5 Ways Lighting affects the Home

Lighting is an essential facet of modern life. In the dark (very dark) and distant past, when night came and it got dark people went to bed because there was nothing else to do. Nowadays, during the darker hours cities and living spaces still live, in a lot of ways they become more alive than during the day.

There are all sorts of ways that lighting can affect a room, such as:

Focusing Attention

Well placed home lighting can focus attention on a certain piece of furniture or a certain part of a room. Perhaps you have a sculpture or work of art and you want to emphasise and “make more” of it, lighting is great for this.

Creating Space

Light is well used for creating the illusion of space. We say illusion because it doesn’t actually increase the dimensions of a room (of course not) but it can open up a room, for instance when in rooms with mirrored surfaces.


Ambient lighting can make a real difference to the atmosphere of a room. In a rustic or homely property softer lighting can create a peaceful space. Alternatively, bright lights work great in functional areas, e.g. workspaces.

Inducing Mood

Great lighting can induce moods. Looked at simply, darker rooms will create darker moods and brighter rooms will bring happier moods. Lighting is well known to affect people’s moods, usually in very positive ways.

Practical Benefits

Of course there are obvious practical benefits to using lighting in the home. It will enable you to see, to open up spaces and make them more usable, functional and aesthetic. Is your current lighting set up practical, does it live up to the strength of your interior design?

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