Why Holiday in Africa?

Africa has a surprisingly high number of holiday destinations readily available for tourists travelling on any budget. From very cost-effective locations such as the Red Sea coast of Egypt through to more luxurious and exotic locations such as Kenya, there will be something for everyone in Africa, as well a something to suit any budget.

However, many people know very little about Africa, and know it only for certain negative associations that can come about from reading too many papers or watching too much TV. So, with few people really knowing that much about Africa, what are the key reasons to visit?

Well, the first reason is just that – it truly is an area that very few people really know that much about. Not only will African safaris introduce people to luxury and beauty, but an African safari will also introduce people to a culture the majority of people know nothing about.

Time passes more slowly when we are experiencing things for the first time, and our memories are improved by experiencing something for the first time. As such, an African safari is also simply likely to be a holiday that won’t seem like it is just over in the blink of an eye, and will also be a holiday that will almost certainly be remembered forever as opposed to how easily one can forget visiting another generic beach resort.

However, it is not just new cultures and new experiences that wait for people heading on African safaris or to unique places such as Ethiopia (where they are nearly a decade behind us in terms of date, having a totally different calendar to ours). Africa also boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, some of the most stunning scenery imaginable, and even some of the world’s top golf courses. So no matter what you love, Africa will have it by the bucketful.

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