Don’t have a chip on your shoulder with Advanced Windscreen Services windscreen chip repair

Windscreen chip repairs are needed far more than most imagine. Indeed, as a result of flying debris from the road, it doesn’t take much for a small crack to occur in the glass that protects not just your face from surplus road matter but also your life against oncoming traffic and the vehicles that bring up the rear of yours. Despite this however, many people still neglect to research windscreen chip repairs when their windscreen does fall foul to everyday road use and as a result, end up having to look into replacement windscreens when the chip or crack becomes too big to simply seal over.

Windscreen chip repairs have a poor reputation, which is why many remain deterred from seeking them as an alternative to costly replacement windscreens.

Windscreen chip repairs in these economic times are seen as: expensive, time and labour intensive. However, what many fail to realise is that, as an alternative to windscreen chip repairs; replacement windscreens are by far a pricier, more troublesome process that produce no more reliable results.

It can’t always be predicted when you will need to look into windscreen chip repairs. However, here at Advanced Windscreen Services, we believe in ‘forewarned is forearmed’ therefore, for when you need it; this is all you need to know about windscreen chip repairs:

How much do windscreen chip repairs cost? Given that most insurance policies cover the cost of windscreen chip repairs, they are usually free of charge to you!

How long do windscreen chip repairs take to carry out? The whole windscreen chip repairs process doesn’t usually take any longer than an hour from your day!

Where can you undertake my windscreen chip repairs? Windscreen chip repairs can take place wherever you need them to; from the roadside, your personal driveway, in the car park of Tesco while you battle with the trolley doing your ‘big shop,’ right to your place of work; as long as you are located within approximately 50 miles of Bristol, we’re happy to help!

With a genuine 24/7 call out service and a team dedicated to reliable, friendly, fast replacement windscreens and windscreen chip repairs – at the roadside – Advanced Windscreen Services can be with you at any time of the day. Call or visit for more information.



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