Ode to personal hygiene (and personal training)

A Fitness Fanatics’ justification for needing personal training Mayfair

Dear sweaty guy at the gym,

You are the reason I need personal training Mayfair. Should be a little more considerate and: A) wash your socks more than once a year at Christmas; B) Brush your teeth after eating garlic bread and; C) not insist upon undressing so publicly in the communal changing rooms – because seriously, raising your knee on the bench at a 90 degree angle with a moist naked crotch is not a good look – then I wouldn’t need personal training Mayfair at all.

Indeed, before even contemplating forking out on personal training Mayfair, I was happy. And, before my personal training Mayfair began, I practically bounced into the gym in the morning, switched on the TV, chose to view Phil and Fern whilst I pounded the treadmill and frankly, let no one bother me. Without personal training Mayfair, I had friends in that place; I knew where they were headed next and they knew my routine equally well; they waited while I stepped and I pondered my next move while they cross- trained.

You see, personal training Mayfair is unnecessary for most gym- goers and do you know why? Because most of the people who choose to stay fit do so in an understanding fashion. I mean, there aren’t many people out there who relish the thought of slogging it out on the rowing machine at 5pm just to justify the fish supper they’ve been promised upon return home of a hard day and, if you can show me a person who looks even adequate in a crotch- crippling, stretch Lycra leotard – that looks more like a ‘Man-kini’ than it does a piece of workout gear – then I’d be seriously impressed and may even consider cancelling my personal training Mayfair! But, what most people ‘get’ is gym etiquette.

Let me spell it out for you: It’s really NOT ok to bottom burp; no matter how silently. It’s definitely NOT ok to attend a yoga class just to leer at the supple young ladies in tight stretch pants. And, it’s certainly NOT ok to grunt like a warthog whilst doing rep-upon-rep of bicep curls with a (too heavy) dumbbell. If you took heed to even a small amount of this advice; not just me, NO ONE would need personal training Mayfair and we could all save a lot of time and money!

Please, listen up and save me the expense of carrying on with my personal training Mayfair. If nothing else; take notice for your own sake!


Fellow gym bunny.

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