The importance of quality Food Boxes

Food boxes and food packaging supplies can be just as important as the food inside. This is because the food boxes will help to protect the food during storage, transportation and often for re-sale also. Choosing the right food boxes and food packaging supplies is essential to guarantee the quality and freshness of many food based products. Fresh food products like fruit and vegetables that tend to be sold without any kind of packaging around them need to be stored in strong and durable food boxes for storage and transportation. These boxes are then often used to display the fresh produce and keep it neat and tidy so it appeals to consumers once it is on the shelf. Fresh food is commonly stored and transported in corrugated cardboard food boxes or trays that are both effective food packaging supplies.

Companies who specialise in manufacturing a range of food boxes will create food packaging supplies for all types of products to meet the demands of their customers. Food boxes can be created with own brand logos and text to make the boxes suitable for use on the shelves in any retail environment. The types of services that a food packaging Supplies Company will provide are contract die cutting, contract gluing, contract tray erection, one-off work, seasonal contract work and packaging design. These services are most commonly required by horticultural food suppliers who need effective packaging solutions to send items to their customers to ensure they arrive in a saleable condition.

Companies who manufacture food boxes may offer a service to design and manufacture bespoke food packaging supplies to the meet the specific needs of their customers and their products. The standard food boxes that are available are full vegetable self-erect style glued, tomato boxes, face pack boxes, organic return boxes, quick fold lettuce trays, quick fold indoor celery, quick fold outdoor celery, glued tray, potato boxes and many other food boxes and food packaging supplies for all types of fruit and vegetables.


Food Boxes

with We provide our customers with diverse range of high quality design and manufacture of horticultural packaging services. This includes producing quality corrugated cardboard Food Packaging Supplies.