The Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a hatchback that, unlike many of its rivals, has opted to remain on the small side. Where other competitors have increased the size of their supermini offerings to near saloon dimensions, the Yaris has stayed true to its minimal roots. If you’re looking for something small, good fun to drive, and still practical, you can’t go far wrong with the latest Yaris range of which there are several different variants.


The Yaris has stayed small and light. In fact, it is 20kg lighter than its older counterparts but, with that said, it is actually slightly larger. The additional space means that you benefit with a little extra room inside the car while the reduced weight means that it is more fun to drive than the earlier models. There is decent room in the back especially for a car of its diminutive stature and Toyota has used the space it does have very well indeed.


In terms of costs you can buy a brand Yaris for around the £11,000 mark for an entry level model, rising to nearer £15,000 for better equipped models with beefier engines. There is, of course, also a hybrid engine version which not only gives you green credentials but also enables you to enjoy great fuel economy.


The 1 litre entry level model musters around 60mpg while the 1.33 litre engine still manages 55mpg. The 1.4 litre diesel offers 72mpg and the hybrid engine gives 81mpg. These figures do not allow for the natural reduction in fuel economy that comes when you choose alloy wheels or some other additions but they are a good base figure to work from. If you’re looking for an economical car to run then the automatic hybrid engine obviously provides the best figures but all models are efficient.


The size of the car and the performance of the engines mean that the Toyota Yaris is especially well suited to city driving. You can opt to have satellite navigation and reversing cameras fitted which will make finding your way around and parking in even the tightest spots even easier.


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