Fantastic guns and accessories creating the ultimate game of Paintball!

We tend to look for excitement and thrills which are outside of our daily lives and one of the best and most feasible ways of doing this is by partaking in an exciting game of paintball, there are a vast array of dedicated arenas all over the country to make your facility stand out from the competition it is important to have the very best paintball guns and accessories.

PaintballOnline are an innovative company based in Pretoria, South Africa dedicated to the supply of high quality paintball guns and all the accessories you could think of to the domestic and commercial market. With a wealth of experience in this very particular field and the first of our kind with an automated secure payment facility coupled with our commitment to ongoing paintball equipment developments and a customer service which is second to none we are widely regarded as the best in the country. As well as our online facility we also have 3 physical shops throughout the country where you can see all the paintball guns and accessories for yourself. We are a team with a passion for the paintball game, the products we stock all come from tried and tested world renowned manufacturers such as Guerilla Air, 32 Degrees, Invent and Empire, each item is carefully chosen with quality and excitement in mind.

We also boast some of the highest technological paintball equipment incorporating all different types of paintball guns including semi-automatic and the biggest range of exciting extras such as gas and air systems which really adds to a fabulous atmosphere.

With developments in technology and our ever changing list of paintball equipment we have added more excitement, thrills and good old fashioned honest fun to create the ultimate experience.



Paintball from really gets all the lads involved in the action and is perfect for snipers-to-be. Our paintball guns are accurate and easy to handle and will hit the target every time.