Accordions – entertaining crowds for hundreds of years

The accordion has long been a mystery to those uninitiated with its construction and method. A reed instrument, the accordion is said to have been invented nearly two hundred years ago in 1822 in Berlin. From its German home, accordions soon made their way across Europe, with Britain said to have come across the instrument by 1831. With various innovations, the accordion has undergone a number of changes over the years and retains a loyal following.

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Some of the new traditional accordions on sale from The Accordion Shop include the EA2520 Chanson. Great for those just starting out, this accordion is lightweight with two sets of reeds and comes complete with straps and a hard case. The Scarlatti Nero is an accordion with an enormous appeal, with its stylish looks, this great value button accordion has a D/G tuning and twenty one treble keys.

Trying to bring the accordion back to its former fame, Roland V Accordions are the world’s first diatonic digital accordions with the same natural sound quality and dynamic response. The FR-3X provides a perfect combination of the familiar sound and those traditional accordion nuances, and its USB host means that you can customise orchestra and accordion sounds, as well as the feature of mp3 and wav playback.

In addition to their accordions, The Accordion Shop also provide a range of accessories in addition to expanders and amps. Visit The Accordion Shop online and check out their range of new and used accordions today.



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