Body Piercing

If you’re considering a body piercing you need to get it done by someone who knows what they’re doing. It can be very tempting to have a friend do your body piercing; after all, they’re someone you trust, right? The fact is that when having a body piercing done you really have to get a professional to do the job. There are many factors of things that can go wrong when you have a body piercing installed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and the worst part you or they won’t even realise they’re doing it wrong until it’s too late. The first pitfall of an unprofessional body piercing would be dirty equipment. Using body piercing is practically inviting infection into your body. Using dirty needles or other piercing equipment will basically make your body piercing infected within a very short space of time. Running the equipment under the tap does not make it clean, clean body piercing equipment is either washed thoroughly in disinfectant or sterilised through extremely hot water washing, and nothing else will be able to compare to these cleaning methods. While it is possible to avoid infecting your body piercing despite the dirty equipment, that is simply up to how your body responds to infection and not worth risking finding out for the sake of a body piercing.

The next major problem with amateur body piercing is down to getting the actual piercing wrong. Take the nipple for example, if you have an amateur try this body piercing it may not only get infected, but you could lose feeling in your nipple altogether because of the inadequate piercing job done. The same may be applicable to facial piercings, especially on areas like the tongue. People who know how to pierce have a good idea of how to avoid accidentally piercing nerve clusters and effectively rendering the area numb forever, so don’t be cheap with your body piercing by getting an idiot friend to do it, find a professional, pay the correct amount, and have your body piercing done safely and cleanly by someone who does this for a living.


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