Consumers turning to their dads for DIY help

When people are getting stuck into DIY tasks in their gardens, whether they are fixing outdoor chairs such as teak chairs or are engaging in other jobs, they often seek help and advice from their dads, it has been suggested.

According to a study conducted by Polycell, more than six in ten young people turn to their fathers in this way. It found that 63 per cent of consumers in this age demographic require assistance from their dads.

Meanwhile, it was not only young individuals who needed a helping hand from parental figures. The poll also revealed that a third of people in their 30s and 40s sought guidance from their dads when setting about DIY jobs.

In addition, one in five respondents noted that they need a fatherly pat on the back in order to feel proud when they have completed a task of this kind.

Commenting on the findings, senior brand manager at Polycell Samantha Balloch said: “It’s nice to so many men are still turning to their fathers for advice. It clearly proves when it comes to DIY people still believe that dad really does know best!”

Thankfully for individuals who do not feel comfortable getting stuck into DIY projects is, there is no need to work up a sweat making home improvements these days. Often, individuals get the experts in to complete work on their behalf. This can be quicker than attempting the tasks themselves and it tends to save people a lot of hassle.

Meanwhile, rather than trying to mend old furniture and other household items, it often makes more sense for consumers to invest in new versions. These days, there are plenty of great value outdoor chairs and other items available for consumers to choose from. Whether they are after teak chairs or anything else, they should not struggle to get what they need.

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