The importance of Confined Space Rescue training

Any work in a confined space poses a number of potential risks to workers. People who work in confined spaces should be fully trained in confined space rescue before they carry out any type of work in these conditions. Companies who specialise in confided space consultancy are the people to contact for any confined space rescue training courses, equipment and dedicated confined space rescue attendants. The types of confined spaces that people may work in are places such as sewers, pipelines, storage tanks, tunnels and silos and people working in these environments are at risk of danger if they haven’t received the right safety equipment and confined space rescue training.

There are many various pieces of safety equipment for work in confided spaces and confined space rescue. The equipment needed will depend on the location that people are working in but a confined space consultancy company can help businesses ensure they have the right equipment for the work they are going to be undertaking. The various items of confided space equipment include tripods and winches, harnesses, ropes and safety lines, escape breathing apparatus, self-contained breathing apparatus, airline breathing apparatus, airline trolleys, breathe air compressors, ATEX radios and lighting, ventilation equipment, stretchers, specialised confined space rescue and access equipment, gas detectors, and resuscitation equipment which is vital for a confined space rescue mission.

A confined space consultancy will be offer a complete service for businesses who require confined space training breathing apparatus training, face fit testing, hire, sales and servicing of equipment and rescue services. Confined space rescue and other confined space training courses can either be carried out at dedicated training centre or some companies will be happy to offer training at their client’s workplace setting depending on their requirements. Confined space rescue training is fundamentally about preventing the need to have to use rescue equipment but there is always an element of risk and this is why it is vital to invest in dedicated training courses that are run by an experienced confided space consultancy.