New plumbing supplies may raise value of properties

The property market remains squeezed and unlike the during the boom years that preceded the banking crisis, when homes were often snapped up quickly, many properties now languish on the market for a relatively long period of time while their owners try to find interested buyers who are prepared to part with a suitable sum of money.

One of the ways in which some people may be trying to boost the appeal of their abodes and thus succeed in attracting more interest is by investing in new plumbing supplies.

According to an article in the Independent, installing new heating supplies can be a wise move. It remarked: “If you have an older home without central heating installing it will make the property more saleable but do pick an energy-efficient system.”

These days, it is straightforward for people to source plumbing supplies like this, with many turning to the web to make such purchases.

Meanwhile, as well as investing in new heating supplies, consumers may be wise to spend cash on enhancing their kitchens and bathrooms. Commenting on this, Elliot Lester from Aston Mead estate agents said: “Gone are the Changing Room days of buying a house and doing a cheap makeover to earn mega bucks.

“Most people budget £10,000 for a kitchen or bathroom for a typical three bedroom semi and though we wouldn’t expect you to see a huge return on your investment, you do increase your chances of selling.”

Also issuing tips, Robin Chatwin from the Savills estate agents in Wandsworth, suggested that adding extra square footage in the form of an extension can be a profitable improvement.

By being savvy and making appropriate alterations to their homes, consumers stand to boost interest among potential buyers and they may well stand a better chance of getting a favourable deal.

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