Greece Remains Popular Holiday Destination Among Brits

People who make use of car parking at Heathrow Airport have no shortage of options in terms of where they fly to. One of the countries that has long been popular among UK holidaymakers is Greece and it seems that the economic woes affecting the nation are failing to put consumers off travelling there.

According to foreign exchange company Travelex, bookings for all-inclusive packages in the country were up by a third during the last two weeks of May. Many of those flying to this holiday destination will utilise Heathrow airport parking.

Travelex suggested that as many as four million Britons could head to Greece this summer, which is double the average number. Many of the people it polled had deliberately booked vacations to this part of the world because of the strengthening of the pound against the euro.

Meanwhile, some of the packages available cost up to 60 per cent less than usual, so it is perhaps no surprise that many of those who use car parking at Heathrow Airport and elsewhere are tempted by trips to Greece.

Commenting on the issue, the firm’s Elvin Eldic said: “It looks like when it comes to summer holidays, Brits are more concerned about bagging a bargain than whether or not Greece gets another bailout.

“We’d urge Brits to not only take a mixture of cash and a prepaid card but also to take the time to check the terms and conditions of their travel insurance when booking a holiday or travelling to Greece.”

As well as seeking deals, many of those who use Heathrow airport parking during their adventures to Greece may be looking for sunny and warm weather. The country benefits from a largely hot and dry summer. This can be markedly different from conditions in the UK, which are often cool and rainy.

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