Enthral your Guests and bring out their inner spy glass at a Murder Mystery Dinner!

Everyone loves a good game of Cluedo. It’s rarely brought out but, when it is, Cluedo gets the whole family going; granny puts Miss Scarlett in the library with the spanner and dad accuses Professor Plum in the kitchen with rope but whoever wins, everyone has fun!

If you are looking for a new, fun experience for you, your friends and family to partake in and fancy yourself the next ‘Miss Marple’ with detective skills that rival those of Sherlock Holmes, look no further than a murder mystery dinner.

A murder mystery dinner- you may think – isn’t exactly ‘new’ though is it? What is innovative about a murder mystery dinner? Surely a murder mystery dinner is just a collection of friends; joined together around a dinner table, each dressed appropriately – adorning a fake ‘tash or utilising chicken fillets – to create a convincing caricature – holding a card with a name and description on it, ready to make an educated guess at the end of the evening?

Murder Mystery UK are putting all the old Murder mystery dinner myths to rest and are fast becoming renowned for supplying the most authentic murder mystery dinner experience thus far unrivalled anywhere else in the UK! Booking a murder mystery dinner with Murder Mystery UK will offer you and your guests the most sophisticated, unique soiree all at an affordable price.

At a Murder Mystery UK murder mystery dinner experience- available throughout the UK – you and your guests will be enthralled from the minute you enter the building to the time you leave. As the plot develops and comes to a dramatic conclusion, your murder mystery dinner- written by professional BBC scriptwriters and performed by experienced actors – can take any number of twists and turns that will have you constantly second- guessing each prediction you make. What sets a murder mystery dinner from Murder Mystery UK apart from the rest is their ‘attention to detail’ approach to professionalism, bespoke customer advice and superlative entertainment.

Murder Mystery UK, is a murder mystery dinner from you the best nationwide? ‘GUILTY’



If you are looking for the most exciting and spine chilling experience then a murder mystery tour from murdermysteryuk.com will be right up your street. A spooky murder mystery dinner is ever so much fun.