TAD Communications can offer you the finest commercial vehicle security of any business in the UK

TAD Communications Limited is one of the UKs leading suppliers of commercial vehicle security and ply lining. Of this there is no question. The quality of our van security and ply lining products is matched solely by the commitment that we devote to customer service. There is little doubt that if you require any or all types of commercial vehicle security, or indeed if you need a business to supply you with plinth lining for your whole fleet then here at TAD Communications we should be your primary point of contact.

Based in Hertfordshire TAD Communications is a family-run business that takes immense pride in our commitment to customer service. Whether you’re a sole trader that provides a valued service to the community or indeed if you’re the director of a blue-chip business and require commercial vehicle security for your substantial fleet then here at TAD Communications we have the ability to manage your requirements effectively.

It is a sad statement but literally thousands of vehicles are stolen every single day. Whether from outside your place of work or home the rate in sheer volume of vehicular theft is still alarming. With this in mind sufficient commercial vehicle security is a necessity. Here at TAD Communications we have a catalogue of some of the finest commercial vehicle security products of any retailer in the UK.

Indeed, here at TAD Communications we have a selection of the foremost alarms of any business in the UK. The commercial vehicle security of such alarms is as comprehensive as it is innovative. With a number of pioneering wireless technologies available, and prices that are as affordable as the commercial vehicle security is of the finest pedigree, there is little doubt that if you require van security then you need only come to TAD Communications.

To view the complete selection of commercial vehicle security that we offer, or indeed if you’d like to discuss any bespoke requirements, then come online to: www.tadcomms.com.



Commercial Vehicle Security with tadcomms.com. We supply our customers with high quality commercial vehicle accessories and van ply lining. Accessories include warning lights and beacons as well as dead locks and slam locks for Van Security.