“OH OH AH AH AH!!!” – Is that a monkey?? No dear, just the kids playing outside!

“Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife… the simple bare necessities of life!” sang Baloo. He regaled these meaningful words to Mowgli some 45 years ago and yet they still ring true. No matter how many of the tallest trees this sloth bear chose to sleep beneath (despite being fired at with acorns from those pesky Muskrats); he did have a good point, but then he never considered the possibility of moving out of harm’s way, back into the relative safety of a family household where he could play on plastic jungle gyms instead and avoid certain injury.

Bring your tribe of bothersome baboons to Toy Co today where you can find a huge range of plastic jungle gyms that will have them occupied for hours. From Caterpillar Tunnels to adventure play with swings and ropes; whether your child is as agile as a monkey or as cunning as a fox, our plastic jungle gyms are perfectly fun and safe for all.

Imaginative play is essential for a child’s development and from an enigmatic elephant to a slithering sloth; playing with our plastic jungle gyms your little ones can be the embodiment of anything they want to be faster than you can say “shall we play on the plastic jungle gyms today darling?” Our plastic jungle gyms are all safe, affordable and hard wearing and for those worried about putting plastic jungle gyms together at home; they come flat packed and are easy to construct.

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight…” Well, your children will be doing more than sleeping tonight if you buy them one of our plastic jungle gyms Sure, they’ll be having their fair amount of shut eye but it’ll be more than Z’s coming out of their mouths and you shouldn’t be surprised if you were wakened to the sound of a hissing snake or a rip roaring Lion if they’ve been playing on one of our plastic jungle gyms all day!

Let your kids think you’re the king of the jungle and purchase plastic jungle gyms from www.toyco.co.za today!

Your little ones will have hours of fun in plastic jungle gyms from toyco.co.za as our products are eye catching and attractive as well as affordable. Plastic playhouses are a staple in any good playground.

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