Investing in Antique Moorcroft

Antique Moorcroft pottery is a very desirable range of pottery that antique dealers and collectors all over the world are keen to get their hands on. The range of Moorcroft pottery began life way back in 1897 as a studio in the large ceramic company James Macintyre & Co. The original designs were made by James Moorcroft who personalised each piece with his own signature or initial and due to the great success of Moorcroft pottery he soon left and set up on his own. Many of these original pieces which are now antique Moorcroft items can sell for significant amounts of money in some of the most famous auction houses around the world. In recent years antique Moorcroft has grown in popularity and new designs are now being sold internationally due to their quality and perceived value.

Some of the pieces of Moorcroft antique pottery are now permanently sited in the Victoria & Albert museum along with items in other national museums due to their popularity. The range of antique Moorcroft items includes things like vases, plates, bowls, jugs and ornaments all of which are sought after pieces. Anyone wishing to find antique Moorcroft and other desirable antique pieces such as antique Royal Worcester should take a look online. There are now many online antique dealers who specialise in antique Moorcroft and antique Royal Worcester and having an line presence makes their products accessible to people all over the world.

Antique Royal Worcester is the oldest operating English porcelain factory that still creates new pieces of porcelain today. Some the oldest and rarest pieces of antique Royal Worcester are very desirable collector’s items and can sell for considerable amounts of money. Antiques are big business and collectors and dealers will both be constantly on the lookout for the best antique Moorcroft and antique Royal Worcester collectables that they can find.

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