CycleRax – looking for innovative cycle shelters?

With the recent rise in ‘cycle-to-work’ schemes, it seems that companies are slowly coming round to the idea that collective support of environmentally sound and efficient transport methods will see change at the individual level, with employees making small yet significant changes in their lives that work to benefit the lives of others.

Well, this is only partially true. It’s true that collective promotion will lead to individual change, though the reasons behind it are not.

Companies haven’t begun to adopt these proposals out of any real concern for the environment – after all, it’s not in their interests to spend time and money developing or backing projects that could potentially alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels. What these ‘cycle-to-work’ schemes do achieve however, is the projection of a green image with no money invested and certainly no money lost.

One surprising facet of big businesses toying with good-image environmental practice is found in the production of cycle shelters. It’s all well and good that big businesses promote these cycle initiatives, but if their employees suffer financially (in terms of poor storage facilities and cycle shelters that see bikes either damaged or stolen) then things get a little difficult.

One company that’s really managed to benefit from these ‘eco-friendly’ times is CycleRax. Manufacturing some of the best cycle shelters currently available on the market, they’ve worked hard to design innovative and attractive cycle shelters with designs that see form, in the Louis Sullivan style of architectural theory, firmly following function.

The Swansea cycle shelters from CycleRax are cycle shelters that boast an attractive, curved Perspex shelter with an open front. Suitable for cycles, motorbikes and scooters these cycle shelters are a great solution for those looking for easy access cycle shelters that still provide a good level of security.

To find out more about the innovative and highly durable cycle shelters from CycleRax, visit them online today and make sure that you have the high quality, secure and attractive cycle shelters that you’ve been lacking.



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