Spanish Holiday Golf

If you are a fan of golf, then a Spanish holiday is definitely the thing for you. There are so many great golf courses in Spain that a golf lover would never get bored. If you love playing a game of golf in the cold and drab British climate, then imagine just how much more you’d enjoy a day on the green when the hot sun is shining down on you and you can smell the sea air. It would be heaven and for the cost of a cheap flight and some hotel accommodation, you could very quickly be living the dream and playing golf in the most delightful setting.

Stunning Environment

There is nothing quite like playing golf on a Spanish holiday. The greens in Spain are a big draw and as such they are meticulously maintained, flawless places where you can play the best games of golf you have ever played in your life.

If you are travelling with a partner who does not like golf, then they can enjoy all the amenities that the golf clubs and resorts have to offer from stunningly stylish bars where they can enjoy a cocktail to relaxing spas where they can unwind while you test your skills on the green, there is plenty to do on a Spanish holiday.

Costa Brava

Most popular Spanish destinations have great golfing facilities but the Costa Brava in particular is known for its golf and is probably the leading golfing destination in Spain. If you are a golf fan then you will probably have watched a game or two being played in the Costa Brava as there are plenty of championship courses there.

Golf Tourist

Many golf fans take a Spanish holiday simply so that they can tour the many great golf courses available to them. If you have a week or two to spare and would like to indulge in your hobby in sunnier climes, then why not become a golf tourist, sampling the finest golfing experiences that Spain has to offer? As a golfing enthusiast, you’re sure to have the time of your life. is the best place to find quality low cost flights. Book with them if you are looking for a cheap flight Ibiza