Croatia Holidays are Full of Adventure

Croatia holidays may not be the most common traditionally but they are a great choice which more people are becoming aware of thanks to the affordability and variety they can offer. Croatia is situated between the Alps on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other, providing spectacular views and a pleasant mild climate which make for a beautiful and memorable holiday which has something to offer everyone.


Sun worshippers will love Croatia. There are more than 116 gorgeous Blue Flag beaches where you can rest, relax and soak up the many hours of warm sunshine Croatia is lucky enough to see each year. The beaches are sandy white and the seas deep blue, making for a fantastic beach bum holiday if that is your thing.

Keeping Active

For fans of action and adventure, Croatia holidays are hard to beat. There are so many different water sports to choose from, as well as, bungee jumping, canyoning, waterfall abseiling and even rock climbing, to keep you active and pumped with adrenaline throughout your stay.


Nature lovers will find that there is a lot to love about Croatia. As well as the beautiful sandy beaches, there are countless canyons and natural caves which are perfect for exploring.

Not only that but Croatia is home to eight natural parks which are perfect for trekking and exploring the exotic flora and fauna which you will find in the parks.

In winter, the mountains become covered in snow and are great for the avid explorer who is looking for adventure in winter months.

Deers, bears, wolves, wild boar and a cornucopia of birds call Croatia their home, so animal lovers will have a fantastic time if they choose Croatia holidays.


Croatia holidays are great for culture lovers too. There are plenty of fantastic festivals to choose from, including the very popular Festival of Contemporary Theatre and The World Theatre Festival Theatre.

Museums, ancient buildings and fine palaces can also be found throughout Croatia and provide excellent day trips for lovers of history and culture, who will find much to love in the ancient country. are a low budget airline operating in Britain. Visit them to find out more about a cheap package holiday Croatia. cheap package holidays to Croatia –