Spanish holidays have always been a firm favourite with the British public, ever since affordable flights were first introduced. Its close proximity to us combined with its sunny climate and many activities have made it the place to go to and it is really not surprising that this is the case because Spain really has a lot to offer.

However, some holidaymakers would prefer to visit Spain when all of the other tourists are back at home because this will allow them to explore and discover the real Spain, away from the tourist image. By taking Spanish holidays in the off season, it is possible to have a taste of real Spanish life which you will never forget.

Where to Go?

When travelling to Spain in the off season, there are plenty of choices for you. If you are a lover of sun sand and sea, then the Costas are the perfect choice, as they have a great climate all year round. However, if you are more into your culture than the beach, there are many stunning cities which have a rich culture to explore.

Meet the Locals

One of the best things about travelling to Spain in the off season is the fact that there are fewer tourists around and less people in general. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the locals and find out more about the country outside of the tourist traps.

Less Crowded

When you visit Spain in the summer months, you are confronted with crowded beaches, long queues and lots of noise. By visiting when off season, you generally have a much more pleasant experience which is perfect for anyone who is looking to get away and relax in a more peaceful environment.


Booking Spanish holidays off season also means that you will pay less for your holiday and you will have more money to spend, so you can really have many more experiences than you usually would. You can typically save between 30-50% by travelling off peak, so it is definitely something which should be considered. is a fantastic airline offering low cost flights to Spanish destinations. For an affordable all inclusive holiday to Benidorm visit them today.