If you are looking for an affordable place where you can enjoy plenty of sun, sand and excitement, then Greek holidays are the only option. Although the financial crisis has hit Greece hard and is creating many problems for the country, it has proved to be somewhat of a good thing for those who are looking to visit the country as prices for holidays in Greece have fallen more than 10 per cent and may even fall further in the months to come.

This means that Greek holidays really are a bargain at the moment, which could see you having a fantastic holiday for much less than you might have thought possible.

Why Greek Holidays?

Holidays to Greece are not only cheap at the moment, but they are fantastic fun for all the family. Below are just a few reasons why you should be thinking about Greek holidays this year:


The Greek climate is one that most will enjoy. It is what you might call the perfect climate. It is neither too hot nor cold and if you have a particular climate preference, you simply need to choose the right part of Greece and you will find it.

Cheap Flights

It is easy to find cheap flights to Greece which is only a short flight away. You will not have to sit on any tediously long flights to get there, which means there’s more enjoyment in store when visiting Greece.


If you are someone who revels in the landscape and scenery of a place, Greece will not disappoint you. It is one of the most naturally diverse places on earth with snowy mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and fabulously lush forests on its shores.


The Greek civilisation is an ancient one. The birth of the modern world took place in Greece and there are still many reminders of this in the many fantastic monuments which have been preserved by the Greeks for thousands of years.


Greek food is simply diving. If you eat at any of the fantastic traditional Greek restaurants on the island, you will not be disappointed with the right Mediterranean flavours you are served up.


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