Farmyard Organics has a selection of compost for sale that will help your produce shoot up in no time

Are you a dedicated gardener with a passion for growing your own produce? Were you left disappointed with your crops last season, and are determined that this disappointment will not continue this year? If so there is only one name that you need to consider if you’re in the market for compost or potting soil? If so then you need only consider one name, and that is Farmyard Organics.

Here at Farmyard Organics we have a selection of the finest compost of any retailer in the UK. At present we are a small business with big plans. Whether you are in the market for compost that is certain to ensure that your crops spring to life, or indeed if you’ve heard enough about the harmful effects of pesticides, and are strictly an organic farmer from here on in, then Farmyard Organics is the only name that you need to consider.

Nestled in the Umngeni valley and overlooking Albert Falls Dam, Farmyard Organics is in prime position to provide compost, and indeed all manner of organic farmyard products for customers up and down South Africa. Entering its seventh year of operation, and with a selection of the foremost compost of any business in the continent of South Africa, not to mention organic products that will encourage organic growth no end, there is little doubt that the transition to our compost will surely encourage growth that cannot be matched by competing products.

Having put ourselves in an extremely profitable position, today we are proud to be considered one of the foremost names in the retail of all manner of organic produce, whether you have a requirement for a retailer that can offer you a selection of the finest compost available on the market, or indeed if you’d like to ask any questions of us, then you need only come and pay us a visit online at:



Get compost direct from the farmyard at Farmyard Organics. We sell the richest and most nutrients packed potting soil in its bracket – all from an eco friendly source.