Great quality scooters for sale in London at the most competitive of prices from GLM Sales.

Getting around in a busy city can often prove difficult, spending endless hours in traffic jams, or on extremely busy modes of public transport can be an extremely unpleasant experience as well as the fact that in this day and age time is a commodity not many of us can afford. In many of the major European cities scooters is the chosen mode of transport allowing the drivers to reach their destination more quickly, safely and of course in style! When you are looking for scooters for sale in London GLM Sales should be your first port of call.

Greater London Motorcycles are a privately owned totally independent company and with our wealth of experience coupled with an unrivalled commitment to complete customer satisfaction we have become widely regarded as amongst the very best scooter shops London. We are situated in Edgware, North London and have been successfully serving both seasoned and new scooter lovers since our establishment in 2008.

As well as our reputation as the premiere place to find both new and used scooters for sale in London stocking scooters by Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera, we also stock a huge array of scooter specialist clothing, helmets and accessories such as gloves, trousers, jackets and luggage from tried and tested global giants such as Spada Clothing, Rukka Gortex and Arma as well as helmets from Caberg and MT Helmets. We believe our success is mainly down to the quality of our products as well as the professionalism and product knowledge of our team. Each member is highly trained and can offer totally independent advise on your purchases we believe this is what places us rightfully amongst the best scooter shops London.

We also offer a comprehensive back up service which includes a service and maintenance option carried out by our highly trained Piaggio technicians and we also carry a wide range of spares and parts. Visit us online or call one o our team on 0208 951 0139.



We import and sell some of the most stylish scooters for sale in London at GL riM! We think we have the most knowledgeable staff and the best overall value out of any scooter shops London.