The Importance Of Road Maintenance

Everybody hates road maintenance; there are no two ways about it. You cannot logically say you enjoy road maintenance, you can’t enjoy being diverted to a whole different section of the road that could extend your journey by a significant period of time, you can’t say you enjoy the traffic jams road maintenance creates for months on end, and you can’t say you enjoy the ear shattering noise road maintenance brings if you live or work nearby a major site of road maintenance. A world without road maintenance would seemingly be better, right? You would unfortunately be very wrong, as road maintenance serves a very importance purpose. If you hadn’t guessed by now, road maintenance effectively headlines the continued smooth running of our road system, without road maintenance our roads would begin to find themselves under the pressure of having to deal with deteriorating surfaces. You might imagine road maintenance isn’t needed due to the hard materials used to create the roads itself, but imagine the damage caused by several heavy vehicles driving over it daily at medium to high speeds, which is exactly what happens with roads.

This continued abuse by cars is what causes the road maintenance, and while they may merely be doing what they’re meant to, road maintenance is essential to maintain the surface over a long period of time. Roads are meant to last, and if they are ignored for a long period of time they slowly deteriorate into a state where they are effectively unusable by anybody. Potholes all start small, they are insignificant little dents in the road that you won’t even notice when they start appearing. Over time these potholes begin to get deeper and wider, and you start to notice it when driving. At first it’s a little bump, then a slightly bigger bump, and the end game for the potholes is that they become so deep the jumping of the hydraulics of the car damage itself or potentially throw the control of the car out of the driver’s grasp, causing chaos. Now that you know the dangers, could you really see you hate road maintenance?



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