How to buy a sturdy set of extension ladders

Are you are tradesmen looking to invest in a new set of stepladders? Perhaps you’re a keep DIY enthusiast and re looking for a durable set of extension ladders that you can use for jobs around the home. As you are aware, extension ladders are handy and rather practical products that enable you to carry out a range of functions whilst working at height. Invest in a set of extension ladders and you can clean the windows when you like, clear out your gutters from debris, paint framework, fit outside security lighting and pretty much do any type of job that requires a step up in the world. Of course, when you are buying a set of extension ladders there are couple of things to bear mind so you don’t waste your money on extensions ladders that are impractical and not fit for purpose.

Buying extension ladders

Shop for extensions ladders and you can buy sets through online suppliers of stepladders or visit a DIY store in person to check out their range of access equipment. If you know the type of extension ladders you are after that’s fine, buy the ladders online at sites like Ramsay Ladders and you’ll save a stash of cash. If you’re not sure what type of extension ladders you require though why not pop into a store in person, this way you can visualise the ladders in person and work out which set is best for your needs. You don’t have to buy the extension ladders from the store your visit, if you want to be crafty and save a little money look at the ladders in person then go home and buy a similar set online!

Points to mull over when buying extension ladders

One of the most important points to consider when buying sets of extensions ladders is how big do you need the extension ladders to be? Most sets of extension ladders are either double or triple versions depending on how high you need them to reach. Double sets of extension ladders can reach maximum extended heights of 12.75m whereas triple versions can achieve 18.80m once fully extended. It depends on what you need to do with the ladders but do bear in mind that triple sets of ladders can be fairly heavy, if you want something lightweight to use around the home you might be better off with a double set and they’ll be cheaper as well.


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