Do I Need To Look At Dry Riser Servicing?

A dry riser is a system of pipes and valves which are installed into tall buildings such as skyscrapers. It is a fire safety feature which will ensure that in the event of an emergency large quantities of water can quickly and efficiently be delivered to the higher floors of a building. This is particularly important for public safety, as a fully functional dry riser system will be able to extinguish fires and save lives.


As the dry riser system plays such an important role in the safety of an office block or residential area it is of extreme importance that it is serviced by trained professionals only. A dry riser specialist will carry out a pressure test in the dry riser piping system using water. They will also visually check the valves for any damage or leaks and replace parts if needed. In Great Britain a dry riser system must be tested every six months to pass a building standards safety test and ensure it is working correctly. Other countries around the world have different rules and regulations, so make sure you do your research so you know when you need to call in a dry riser specialist.


It is the owner of the premises responsibility to oversee that the dry riser inspection is carried out on time. In the case of really large building a management team is often hired to make sure that it is all done smoothly and on time. Failure to comply with the dry riser testing can result in severe financial penalties, not only this but you are also endangering the lives of the employees or residents of that property by neglecting regular inspections.


After you have arranged dry riser servicing you will receive a certificate of conformity which protects and insures you if any problems do occur within an allotted time frame.


As with all trade workers you should choose a reputable company that adheres to the regulations of your country. It is always advisable to pick a company with positive feedback to get a high-quality of work.



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