Pack fresh produce in Food Boxes, stop it getting battered and bruised

Pick up a bag of juicy red apples in the supermarket or help yourself to a bunch of ripe bananas and you’d be appalled if the fruit looked like it had been kicked around the floor. It’s thanks to the Food Boxes that the fruit was packaged in from fresh that enabled the fruit to reach the supermarket in such fine fettle. Food Packaging is vitally important for the food supply chain, without Food Boxes to keep them protected during their travels tomatoes and oranges would be pulverised on their journeys. Food Boxes are durable containers that help to protect fresh produce and the fresh food industry would be lost without them. Where would we be without Food Boxes to keep cucumbers safe and celery out of harm’s way?

Safeguard that spinach!

You can see examples of Food Boxes in your local greengrocers the Food Packaging is instantly recognisable thanks to its design and branding. Most Food Boxes are made out of tough cardboard materials, they are easy to self-erect and provide ample levels of protection. Some examples of Food Boxes include glue quick fold lettuce trays that are ideal for little gems, flat and continental varieties. Food Boxes can be used for cauliflowers, sticks of celery, mushrooms or radishes, they’re common for carrots and brilliant for broccoli as well. If you grow fresh food and need to ship it in safety the type of packaging that you choose could prove to be critical.

It’s the quality of Food Packaging that counts

Manufacturers of Food Boxes produce custom products to satisfy the demands of their customers. They provide an essential service to the horticultural and fresh produce industry supplying Food Boxes that are fit for purpose. Food Boxes are available in standard sizes and they can be custom printed with the details of the company that grew the produce. Furthermore custom designs can be created to satisfy the needs of the client, so if you have specific requirements and want to ensure that your fresh produce is picked and packaged in safe containers, contact suppliers of Food Boxes with your unique request.



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