Pass CBT Birmingham and you’ll be biking in no time

A good friend of mine has just passed his motorcycle test and he didn’t waste any time, he went out and bought a brand new Yamaha R1. Am I jealous? Just a little, well actually quite a bit, seeing him roar off on his beast of a bike makes me wish that I had my own. There’s one slight snag, I haven’t got a bike licence so I’d have to book a CBT Birmingham then undergo Motorcycle Training Birmingham before I could even get to the test stage. A CBT Birmingham is compulsory for anyone that intends to ride a moped or a motorbike on a public road and it’s a great starting point for novice bike riders. I’ve already looked into what happens on CBT Birmingham and it doesn’t sound that bad to be honest. Maybe, just maybe I’ll book my place on CBT Birmingham and see where it leads.

What’s the purpose of the CBT Birmingham?

The main aim of CBT Birmingham is to give riders a good understanding of safety and control. Before you even twist a throttle or turn a wheel you are given an in-depth equipment brief by instructors that teach CBT Birmingham. You undergo machine familiarisation through CBT Birmingham and take part in off road training learning how to set off and stop safely, as well as how to control your bike at slow speeds. Once you grasp the basics on CBT Birmingham the Motorcycle Training Birmingham steps up a gear. You then embark on a road accompanied by your instructors and at the end of the day if they feel you have a good standard of safety and control they’ll give you the certificate.

Can you ride on the road after passing the CBT Birmingham?

Yes you can, riders that have passed the CBT Birmingham can ride a machine up to 125cc with L plates for a period of up to two years by which time they need to take their test. Most people want to pass their test a lot sooner though once they have passed their CBT Birmingham, they move forwards and pay to have regular Motorcycle Training Birmingham. I think that’s what I’ll do when I finally get around to taking my CBT Birmingham, maybe then I can book a course of lessons and you never know; I could be riding an R1 one day!