Titan and Reflective School badges

School badges serve a wide variety of uses such as titan school badges, name or ID school badges tags, school bags, motivational school badges, award badges and many other school badges use. There are also many different types of school badges from metal button school badges, reflective or bespoke cold enamel, house button school badges, star shaped, or traditional hard enamel badges. School badges need to be strong and hard wearing as the school badges are not likely handled with care by school children and the school badges will quite likely be dropped and dragged and bent from being transferred from one item of clothing to another.

Titan school badges are designed to have the appearance and shape of a traditional school badges but are made from a tougher and stronger material such as being gold plated over a hard metal to ensure they withstand rough play and the gold plating makes the titan school badges more appealing and attractive to students. You can also find titan school badges that are reflective against headlights where moving car lights reflect off the school badges making the wearer more visible to road drivers and other road users therefore the reflective titan school badges double as a security measure when school children are walking in the streets at night.

Reflective school badges are a great alternative if the child refuses to wear high visibility safety clothing should as reflective vests or jackets. Reflective school badges can also be pinned to school bags and the sleeves or back of coats and jackets which ensures they are seen in all directions when crossing roads with or without the aid of pedestrian crossings. Titan school badges can also be used to hand out to certain pupils with various roles within the school or for certain members of after school clubs or activities such as hall monitor, choir, official helper, council, prefect, deputy head boy, peer mediator and many other school badges titles that can be handed out to students to make others aware of their achievement, purpose, existence or authority status.



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