Full the surge of excitement following Performance Chip Tuning

Are you happy with your car’s performance or do you have a niggling feeling it’s not giving you as much power as it could? You’d be right in those assumptions, those factory settings are limiting your car’s capabilities and with a little Performance Chip Tuning you could really unleash the beast within. ECU Tuning is designed for performance enthusiasts that like to appreciate the true abilities of their vehicles. Following Performance Chip Tuning you’ll notice a significant improvement in the way that your vehicle responds it can give you up to 35% more power. Your car is crying out for Performance Chip Tuning at the moment if you are still making do with the factory settings. Transform your pride and joy into a hot to handle hatchback and enjoy the various benefits of Performance Chip Tuning.

Reduce lag with Performance Chip Tuning

Early versions of turbo chargers suffered from chronic turbo lag. Vast improvements have been made over the years but some vehicles still suffer from a certain amount of lag from a turbo. This problem is alleviated with Performance Chip Tuning and once ECU Tuning has been completed on the vehicle turbo lag is hardly noticeable. Floor the throttle and Performance Chip Tuning gives you a greater response, power is instant instead of gradually fed-in. Torque levels are also significantly improved following Performance Chip Tuning and power is on tap across the entire range. Your car feels sharper after Performance Chip Tuning and you’ll notice the upgrade in BHP straight away.

Why let all that power go to waste?

It seems a shame not to tap into those extra power reserves if you can with professional Performance Chip Tuning. Do you really want to suppress the true performance of your vehicle or increase its abilities with ECU Tuning that delivers the best possible results? It doesn’t matter if you have already bolted on a few modifications because Performance Chip Tuning can take them into consideration as well. Only authorised calibration engineers undertake Performance Chip Tuning so you know that your vehicle is in very safe hands. Utilize the true capacity of your car’s output with Performance Chip Tuning and you’ll leave other motorists standing at the traffic lights.



Performance Chip Tuning from tuned2race.com. All our chip tuning is done by specialised calibration engineers to ensure you experience top quality performance. Visit us today for ECU Tuning.