Public or in house training programmes designed to get the very best from your workforce.

The world today is a fast paced, competitive place and with the economy worldwide being at an all time low it is vital that business owners everywhere do absolutely everything they possibly can to keep their company working to the highest productivity level possible.It is vital for all businesses to look closely at their training programmes and strategies and use whatever tools are available to really reach their full potential; this may be further development of the existing workforce via effective and essential on going management training courses or one off refresher training programmes.

Illumine situated in Windsor, Berkshire has been successfully aiding companies to help all members of their team reach their full potential using flexible, professional training programmes since 1996.We have developed a wide range of courses covering everything from professional development, problem solving, and management training courses incorporating positive thinking, how to influence, balance and motivation. With these highly acclaimed effective courses we have been serving all sectors of industry to companies through out the country as well as over seas, and have become widely regarded as the best training programmes provider on the market.

We have gained a fantastic reputation for our services with a commitment to student and employer satisfaction which is second to none and a success rate which is rivalled through out the country. We help employers make the most of their current team with courses designed specifically with your company’s individual requirements in mind. Our service is a personal one and we provide a thorough consultation so we can realise your goals and your target areas and really get a feel for what would benefit your business. The management training courses are ideal for internal promotion furnishing your existing employee with the essential knowledge to carry out their role to the best of their ability.



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