The services provided by a Fashion photographer London

A fashion photographer London will specialise in professional photography for the fashion industry and may take photos for all kinds of fashion brands and products. Typically a fashion photographer London will have built up a great portfolio of work and will have a great reputation within the fashion world for delivering first class photographs that meet the customers brief for their shoot along with offering a highly professional, flexible and approachable service. The type of shoots that a London fashion photographer will be hired for include magazine shoots, catalogues, online marketing, catwalk shows, lingerie shoots, menswear shoots, product launches, promotional materials and online shopping sites. The work of a fashion photographer London is very varied and fast paced and the photographer needs to be able to take direction from their clients in order to deliver the results they expect.

Some large fashion houses will have their own in house London fashion photographer but most other fashion companies will just call upon a fashion photographer London each time they require their services. Most photographers like to work freelance as it means they get lots of different opportunities and means they can build up a varied and versatile portfolio to show to clients when the pitch for jobs. With the growing trend for internet shopping nearly all leading fashion brands will now have an online presence and most will also sell their products online. In order for an online fashion venture to be a success the quality of the photography needs to the highest possible as customers can’t physically touch the products when they shop online. Fashion companies who sell online need to find a professional fashion photographer London to help make their products stand out and catch customer’s eyes.

A London fashion photographer may have their own studio where they can take pictures for clients but much of their work will be on location and in their client’s studios. This means a fashion photographer needs to be prepared to travel to accommodate the needs of their clients.



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