Printed circuit boards are the heart and soul of your electronics project

Printed circuit boards, commonly known as PCB prototypes are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways Printed circuit boards are used in virtually all modern electronics and as such it is essential to get expert advise at the very conception of your project.

Cambridge Circuit Company Ltd, based in the outskirts of Cambridge in a purpose built large facility are an innovative company dedicated to the design, and manufacture of a wide and diverse range of printed circuit boards. We have owner run and managed and with an expertise of 25 years in the niche and exact field of PCB prototype this coupled with our strong work ethic leaves us at the top of the pile in our sector and widely regarded as amongst the very best in the country.

We are determined to uphold our fantastic reputation and employ and invest in the very best technology available. Our team is built up of like minded dedicated professionals who are highly skilled in the art of printed circuit boards. From initial concept our team will liaise with you on every step of the way incorporating our knowledge and expertise in the building of the PCB prototype. We use the latest CAM technology at the beginning of the project to ensure there are no problems with the production which of course will save time in the long run, we understand that in such a fast paced world time is often a luxury we can not afford!

All aspects of the manufacturing of the printed circuit boards is carried out in house to combat any delays and assure quality. We have been ISO 9001 approved since 1991 and with previos clients such as Domino UK, University of Cambridge and Tyco when you choose Cambridge Circuits for your PCB prototype you are choosing the best in the industry!



If you are after the most comprehensive assortment of first rate printed circuit boards then we have all you need at A PCB prototype is in perfect working order and pristine condition.