High quality clear acid spray covers from L&S Thermal Products

Certainly a niche market, those looking for clear acid spray covers may have some trouble tracking down companies who can provide them with what they’re looking for.

Clear acid spray covers are used to prevent complications, either to equipment or those working alongside the equipment, in the event of a chemical leak. Placed over valves, expansions joints and other pipe connections, they offer an unrivalled form of protection.

The most effective clear acid spray covers on the market

L&S Thermal Products are a company who specialise in a wide range of sophisticated thermal insulation products for clients who operate across a number of industries.

With some of the best clear acid spray covers on the market, L&S Thermal Products have built their reputation on an ability to provide their clients with cost-effective, reliable products that guarantee performance.

Offering unrivalled versatility, these clear acid spray can be used in a variety of environments and are designed to withstand even the most corrosive of chemicals. Easily installed and removed, they offer an exceptional price to service ratio and include some of the very latest technologies in their deisgn.

Their translucent PTFE-based material allows for immediate detection of leaks, and is chemically inert to almost all corrosive chemicals.

As well as their clear acid spray covers, L&S Thermal Products also provide fabric, rubber and LFP expansion joints. Utilising the very latest in technology, L&S Thermal Products are able to manufacture tailor made solutions to fit virtually almost any application, with their staff undergoing regular training and kept up-to-date with the very latest in joint design and technology.

To find out more about the clear acid spray covers from L&S Thermal Products, visit them online today. Make sure that you have the correct safety precautions in place to avoid potential injury and accident.



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